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About Us



is a professional technical provider specializing in the field of advance concrete technology and related disciplines targeting almost all  sectors of construction industry such as building materials producers and suppliers, consultants, concreters, concrete precast manufacturers,  property developers, engineering and construction companies.

Our company can provide unique blend of services that involve consulting, mix designs, testing services, product review and  development, quality assurance, inspections, management among many others. Our expertise can provide industry clients make sound decisions,  solve challenging problems and above all achieve their business objectives in this area.

We were established based on our competence and capabilities which is founded on successful track record and a wealth of experience  gained internationally such as the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Since our inception in 2007, we’ve gone from strength to strength and becoming the biggest provider of independent on-site concrete testing services in Melbourne. Our team is currently involve and  proud to be part of some of the biggest infrastructure projects in Victoria. We take pride of this background as it serve as our baseline  in providing competent and quality service to our customers.


Paramount to our philosophy is embracing the value of integrity and ethical practice in all facets of our work. We strive to maintain the standard we set in dealing with our customers, partners, our own people and the community. We adhere to the principle that our core activities should be delivered with high level of professionalism and quality.





Accreditation No. 15732